21.01.2008 - Godsent N



(Glenaholm Molao X Ezop)                           (Sindi X Pleasanview Bestik)

( LV, LT, EST, BALT, BY,  UA, GRAND UA, RUS CH )         ( LV, LT, EST, BALT, RUS CH ) 



Allan, Naomi, Nordgina, Nika Godsent


On the 21st of January 2008 7 wonderful puppies were born -  


5 cute girls and 2 strong boys!!!



All puppies was born strong, healthy, able-bodied, with beautiful ridges! All of them are with two symmetric curls and correct crowns as it is defined in International breed’s standard!



  Ribbon Sex Ridge Weight Time
1 Blue girl standard 540,00 8:31
2 Purple girl standard 480,00 8:56
3 Green boy standard 527,00 9:56
4 Pink girl standard 526,00 12:16
5 Brown boy standard 590,00 13:30
6 Yellow girl standard 496,00 14:35
7 Red girl standard 568,00 18:00



We d like to say special thanks to owners of the first Joung Champion from our litters Nika Niceberry Fiona Godsent and Nuary Godsent, which already became an Interchampion candidate and got LATVIAN WINNER 2010 !!!



             Nika Niceberry Fiona Godsent                                                       Nuary Godsent




Puppies and owners names:



Blue one - Nataljetta Queen of Sheba Godsent

♦ Owner - Andgey Lizarskiy (Riga, Latvia)





Purple one - Nika Niceberry Fiona Godsent

♦ Owner - Inna Shumeiko (Riga, Latvia)





Green one - Natorius (Nuray) Break Godsent

♦ Owner - Olga Jerofejeva (Daugavpils, Latvia)




Pink one - Nuary Godsent

♦ Owner - Sergej Donchak (Riga, Latvija)





Brown one - Nord Break Godsent

♦ Owner - Tatjana Poroshkova (Riga, Latvija)




 Yellow one - Nordgina Queen Godsent

 ♦ Owner - Tatjana Bakalinska (Riga, Latvija)




 Red one - Nora Godsent

♦ Owner - Henrikas Navickas (Lithuania, Vilnius)






♦ To see and compare Pedigree of our dogs, please upload the common Pedigree userfiles/image/old/Naoni_drevo(1).xls