13.04.2011 - In Memorial to Naomi Sinbest (2004-2011)

Over the Rainbow bridge - our dear Naomi Sinbest

We miss you so much... our hearts are broken...  



Naomi is gone, but she left in this world 3 generation of great puppies, some of them became already Champions and going to become mums as well, other are great hunters, third are growing so fast and undoubtedly will  tell the world about their history, pedigree and great parents. Everyone of them is best friend and true family member for its owners, they all are part of our Naomi!  


Naomi Sinbest was a Champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic and Russia, we didn't have time to end with our Interchampion title as Naomi mother Sindi, who is the first Rhodesian Ridgeback imported to Latvia, Multichampion, Champion of 6 countries, European and World Dog Show Winner, Latvian Winner 2003 and 2004. Now we can just look in her eyes and find there a part of Naomi...


Our story began in December 2004, when Naomi came to our house - baby, which I was wondering from her first days of life, cause we were living next dore to our breeder and great mum Sindi. 


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Naomi gained our hearts forever, she was always very tender and obedient girl, regulary met with her mum Sindi, and made a friendship with our cat  very fast. That's why she has grown up in harmonius and friendly atmosphere. 




She was always next to us - in holidays, on Orienteering competition all over the Europe, on picknics and any difficult life moments. Thanks to her for all her great and pure love, she brimmed with joy for us! 









Good bye dear friend, we'll meet once undoubtedly!



With love 

Natalie&little Odry