01.02.2012 - History of Rhodesian ridgebacks in Latvia


Rhodesian ridgebacks in Latvia


The History of Rhodesian ridgebacks in Latvia is quite recent.


The first ridgeback in Latvia was Arriba-Riba-Riba „Riva” (Bryaba Top Gun x Windriver Bryaba Sassy Lassy), owner I. Cerbule. Riva was imported in 1994 from USA – she was born on 25 February 1990, holder of several AKC titles and successfully participated in shows in Latvia. Riva had one litter in USA, but had no litters in Latvia.

AKC CH Bryaba Arriba-Riba-Riba, CD, JC, CGC, own. I.Cerbule

The second ridgeback was imported to Latvia in 1999 – Ceis Exotic from Russia, owner I.Kantmane.


The third Rhodesian ridgeback was imported from Russia in 2002 – our mum Sindi (Ezop x Izolda), owner M.Grinvalde.

LV, LT, EST, BALT, RUS CH Sindi, own. M.Grinvalde



Other Rhodesian ridgebacks imported to Latvia till 2006:

* Amira Kalahari Azhani (imported from Russia, 2004)
* Akira II (imported from USA, 2004)
* KimyaKezy Safari Kadamba(imported from Poland, 2005)
* MaloziHabiba (imported from Finland, 2005)

* Broker Guernica (imported from Poland, 2004 )

* PodarokizAfriki Allan Break (imported from Russia, 2005)
* VangariAversuma (imported from Russia, 2005)


Some evidence can be found about other ridgebacks imported to Latvia in this time period; however only limited amount of information is available about them.To a large extent it is because several of them did not participate in shows and/or did not register in any of clubs.

From 2006 till 2011 several ridgebacks were imported from Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden and other countries.



RR litters in Latvia



So far 13 RR litters have been in Latvia.


In December 2004 the first Rhodesian ridgeback litter whelped in Latvia: Pleasant View Bestik x Sindi. In litter eight puppies were born, of which in Latvia stayed five females and one male. Also the second and third litters born in Latvia were from Sindi: in February 2006 with sire Ye Japha Ben Shemen of Vizara x Sindi (in litter five puppies were born, of which in Latvia stayed one female) and in August 2007 with sire Shangani Umvutcha Lonzo (in litter seven puppies were born).The fourth litter in Latvia was between A Ray of Light Nyathi x MaloziHabiba. 12 puppies were born, of which in Latvia stayed 6 females and 3 males.


Summary of RR litters in Latvia, 2004-2011





Date of birth





Number of puppies






Pleasant View Bestik x Sindi



8 puppies






Ye Japha Ben Shemen of Vizara x Sindi



5 puppies





Shangani Umvutcha Lonzo x Sindi



7 puppies






A Ray of Light Nyathi x Malozi Habiba



12 puppies





Podarok iz Afriki Allan Break x Naomi Sinbest



7 puppies






Karoskloof Kordaat Kaptein x Naitingeila Moka Farastero Sinbest



3 puppies





Podarok iz Afriki Allan Break x Naomi Sinbest



11 puppies





Aresvuma Vangari x Amarula Malawi Sinbest



10 puppies






Masithela’s Irresistible Chango x Malozi Habiba



9 puppies





Myollnir Kyala x Naitingeila Moka Farstero Sinbest



7 puppies






Aresvuma Jumba Jafari x Naomi Sinbest



10 puppies




Shangani Umvutcha Lonzo x Nataljetta Queen of Sheba Godsent



10 puppies






Myollnir Kyala x Naitingeila Moka Farastero Sinbest



7 puppies





Aresvuma Jumba Jafari x Aresvuma Paa Palika


14 puppies








RR people


Important contribution towards development of breed in Latvia has been given by Marina Grinvalde, who raises first two ridgeback litters. Puppies from these two litters are multiple winners and are well known also beyond borders of Latvia. Important input towards recognition of the breed has been given by KristīneLiberta, thanks to whom general public has been introduced to this breed through various publications in local media. MaloziHabiba, owned by KristīneLiberta, has left her footprint in RR world history – she was Best in Show, Junior World Winner 2006 (World Dog Show 2006, Poznan).





Breeding of RR in Latvia


In order to receive permission for breeding, a ridgeback shall receive at least two evaluations „excellent”, one of those may be received in junior class and at least one assessment shall be received in a Specialised show of Dalmatians and Hound Breeds club.


Every ridgeback entering breeding shall have elbows and hips x-rayed and eyes examined. Only dogs with following results can be used in breeding:

hips – A, B, C; elbows – 0, 1; eyes – clear.


Currently there are no specific temperament tests for Rhodesian ridgebacks.


Any show participant should follow the LCF Code of Ethics, adopted in September 2006.



Activities within the breed


Owners of Rhodesian ridgebacks can engage in different activities. The most popular are agility and obedience disciplines, while lure coursing, search and rescue, and field tracking trainings are available.  In the lure coursing, Rhodesian ridgebacks are the only ones from FCI VI group, which can receive coursing licenses and further participate in shows also within a working class. Lately coursing is becoming increasingly popular.

In Latvia Rhodesian ridgebacks can be used in hunting, however this activity has not became popular among owners or RRs. If compared to other breeds, very few ridgebacks participate in hunting.


For now, the most active ridgebackin Latvia is Aresvuma Jeron Jango „Rodger” (date of birth 28.07.2007, imported from Russia), owner N.Loginova. Rodger has successfully participated in many agility and obedience competitions.

Aresvuma Jeron Jango, own. N.Loginova




Rhodesian ridgebacks in Latvia can participate in international CACIB shows and national CAC shows. As there is no specialised Rhodesian ridgebacks club, specialised shows are held within FCI VI group shows. Specialised FCI VI group shows are held three times per year.


Most titled ridgebacks in Latvia:


Malozi Habiba (Chipangali's Kadani x Malozi Elimika, d.o.b. 13.06.2005 )

Owner K.Liberta, Breeder T.Miettinen


Champion of Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic's, Slovenia, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan Candidate for Championship of Croatia, Spain & Poland Junior Champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic's & Belarus

Qualified for CRUFTS 2007/2008, Club Winner 2007, Caucasian Winner 2008

BIS-1, BIS-4, BIS-5 junior, BIS-2 puppy 4x BIG-1, BIG-2, 2x BIG-3, 2x BIG-4, BIG-5 11x BOB, 6x BOS, 5x BOB puppy 4x CACIB, 19x CAC , 8x JCAC, 36x EXC-1 BEST IN SHOW Junior - World Winner Show 2006 Junior World Winner 2006

Our Sister Moka Farstero Sinbest (Pleasantview Bestik x Sindi, d.o.b. 18.12.2004)

Owner I.Kušnere, Breeder M.Grinvalde


Champion of Latvia and Lithuania

LVW-09, BALTW'07, LVW'07, LTW'07, LVW'06, BALTW-06, EURJW'-06, 15xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB, BIS-2x2, 2xBIS4, 10xBIG-1, 3xBIG-2, BIG-3, BIG-4, 2xBIG-5, 20xBOB, 4xBOO, Top Dog 2006 (Ventspils Regional Dog Club ratings) 2x CRUFT’s qualification




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