28.12.2011 - Happy New Year!




November 30 
international show "ZooExpo 2011" in Riga, Latvia
judge - Juan NAVEDA CARRERO, Spain

  • Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari (Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari x Naomi Sinbest) - excellent-1, PP, CW, Junior CAC, juniorBOB! Odri is Latvian Junior Champion Candidat!!!

  • Ulysse Nardin Godsent Jafari (Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari x Naomi Sinbest) - excellent-3 in junior class





 September 25 
National show in Panevezhis, Lithuania.


judge - Nadezhda Melnikova, Belarus

  • Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari (Aresvuma Jumba-Jafarix Naomi Sinbest) - excellent, Junior Winner, CACN! With that Odri is candidat of LTj CH


Also on the show, as encouragement of Odri, her brother Ubingwa Brigas Godsent Jafari from Kaunas has arrived. 



All the babies from African Pride litter have found new homes and familie!


For further planned litters you can follow HERE





HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to all GODSENT JAFARI sisters and brothers - Odry, Brigas, Serena, Kim, Zara, Uta, Rafik, Jeta, Simba and Timba!


All the best to you and ur best owners!



Hope mum Naomi is proud of u all...somewhere there...





Our doughter Serena participated in the 1st Oficial Coursing Championship this weekend!




As well as on FB The 1st Latvian Lure Coursing Championship 




1.09.2011 - Our puppies are 3 month old already, 3 wonderful girls - 2 show and 1 pet girl -  are waiting for a new homes!

More info HERE




Hello from our girl Serena from Finland. Well done to Serena with owner Laura! Serena develops very fast and goes to Dog Spa!  

This is fantastic! :)




click to enlarge

 More photos in our Godsent Jafari Blog!



Our pupps are 6 month already! CONGRATULATION! 


Our Odri sends greetings to everyone



click to enlarge



On the Speciality dog show for VI FCI group in Riga, Latvia,
judge - Elena Tripoli, Russia

The first show steps made our children from Naomi Sinbest and Aresvuma Jumba Jafari . Our congratulations! We are proud with Your excellent results!

Udamisi Rafiki Godsent Jafari - very perspective-1, PP, best puppy male, best puppy of breed, puppyBISs - 3!!!

  • Ulysse Nardin Godsent Jafari - very perspective-1, PP, best puppy female
  • Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari - very perspective-2, PP







Our Ridgeback puppies are 4 Month already!!! 

1 excellent show-class BOY still available - Mr Yellow (at home Simba)




click to see the album



On the 19th of February 2011 our beauty Nataljetta Queen of Sheba Godsent on the National dog show in Valmiera (Latvia) ended with Latvian Champion Certificate collecting :) With great results -BOB, CQ, CAC!!! And her sister Nuary Godsent - Exc2, CQ! CONGRATULATIONS!!!




HERE you can see her NEW web as well!




Great news from our puppies abroad! Our beauty Serena with her owner Laura (agility trainer) have already started their first trainings at the age of 3 month!





22.12.2010. - HAPPY NEW 2011 YEAR !!!



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