12.12.2012 - Archive 2012
20.12.2013 - Happy New Year!



15.12.2013. - FCI 6. group Club Show, honorable judge Julia Ovsyannikova (RU) 

and our great results for this day - Rhodesian Ridgebacks (breed entry 19):


our babies:

Einstein Godsent Sultani - puppy class - Exc2, PP (on the left)

Eminem Godsent Sultani - puppy class - Exc3

our girl:

Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari - open class - Exc3 and got nice description from the judge!

our boy:

Rayrige Gefest - got excellent description from the judge, but unfortunately was limping again

our granddoughter:

Chioma African Pride - champion class - Exc1 , CQ, BF-2 (on the right)

our litter's father:

Aresvuma Jumba Jafari - champion class - Exc2, CQ





07.-08.12.2013 - On the National Dog Show in Liepaja (LV):


- Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari - Exc 1, CAC, CQ, BOO !! 

- Birma of Negeve's Ridges - Exc 1, CAC, CQ, BOB !!






Our son from Tallin - Einstein Godsent Sultani

(Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari x Aresvuma Simba Sultani)




More pictures in Sultani Gallery



Litter plans 2014 from our doughter Ultraviolet Joly Godsent Jafari




Our son En-Ridgie Godsent Sultani from Estonia 
(7month old)
(Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari X Aresvuma Simba Sultani)




Our boy Eugen Godsent Sultani is now living in Riga with his new family! 





Our babies are 6 month old today! 

CONGRATULATIONS to our children GODSENT SULTANI with first small anniversary!



Our sweetheart Euphoria Godsent Sultani on the picture (Scotland, Carluke city)




We would like to introduce you our new family member - Faso!

She is absolutely beautiful like her mother Russian blue cat and she got shiny golden eyes like her father - Brithish Shorthair cat. 

As on the habbits, our kitten is a mix of ridgeback-jack russel :)





OUR dear girl Uornesh Sahara Godsent Jafari is 3 years old today!

CONGRATULATIONS to Odri and her sisters and brothers GODSENT JAFARI!





Terrier day LASTBMSAK Club Show



Judge: Szczepanska-Korpetta (PL)


Photo @ Adell Brancevich MAC amstaf




Our Godsent Sultani children are 4 month old now!


Little boy Judgin is looking for a show oriented family!







Our beauty doughter Nika Niceberry Fiona Godsent


(Podarok iz Afriki Allan Break X Naomi Sinbest) 5 years old





Our dear Ultroviolet Joly Godsent Jafari is NEW Finnish Champion !!!

judge: Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa

Congratulation to Sere and Laura! We are very proud of you, girls!





Our Godsent Sultani babies - 12 weeks old already !

2 standard puppies - a girl and a boy are looking for Show oriented families!





Our boy RAYRIDGE GEFEST is 2 years old! 

CONGRATULATIONS to our sweetheart and to the breeder Alla Lakoza!





Daisy Victory Garden - 6 month anniversary!

We are starting now our Show carrier, please follow us on JRT life




08.06.2013.  On the National Dog Show in Palanga RAYRIDGE GEFEST - open class - Excellent 2



More Gefest pictures in the Gallery





Godsent Sultani E - 8 weeks! Our pupps got their passports and chips!

New pictures stacked in the Album!





We have tried something new, babies were happy!




Our babies are 3 weeks old now - we have moved to a bigger place!






Godsent Sultani - 2 weeks old - all puppies opened their little eyes!






Godsent Sultani - 1 week old!





10 wonderful standart puppies were born - 3 girls and 6 excellent boys!

 More info in Puppies section





Our grandfather EZOP is 14 years old today!

CONGRATULATIONS to breeder and owners!





We would like to introduce to you our new family member - Gefest!






 Everything is ready now! Awaiting for puppies next week!




Nataljetta Queen of Sheba - 5 years old.








Beauty Odri - 40 days pregnancy





Odry is pregnant - 35 days already. 6 and more puppies expected!





25 days of Odry's pregnancy... 






We went to Slovakia this weekend to the dog Show Nitra, where we took our new family member - little jack russel terrier - Daisy Dangerous Dynamit

meet and greet our little treasure!





Our sister Ultroviolet Joly Godsent Jafari already takes part in agility competitions in Finland!



 We are back from St. Peterburg already! You can see our pictures with Simba here




Sire of planned litter "E" April 2013 - CH ARESVUMA SIMBA SULTANI



For more info about puppies planned please visit Litter 2013 section



Eyes test - clear, normal








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Nice picture of ridgeback form and function


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